Welcome to the website for the Cleveland Emmaus/Chrysalis/Journey Community.  Use the links above to find out information for upcoming Walks and other events.

Latest News

Attention Past Emmaus Walk Leaders.  Elections have been scheduled for Tuesday, November 12th at First Baptist Church room 232 at 6pm.  Enter the building through the doors on the West side of the campus and go upstairs.  Look for signs, hope to see you there!

The next gathering will be held at Clingan Ridge Baptist Church on November 4th.

Journey Walk Number 6 will be led by Rob and Tammy Sherlin and begin on November 7th.


There is a section on the website detailing Agape food and drinks and Agape gifts. Please read this sections. Large gifts while the Walk is in progress should not be brought to the Woods.

Agape Letters:

When you send an Agape letter to a Pilgrim or Caterpillar, Please use the full name of the person receiving the letter. That ensures that the right person receives their letter.

New Addition:

If you notice at the right of this page, we have added a new addition. It is the past Walk Leaders page. It was a labor of Terry McCoy and Rick Duncan and many others. Over the last year, they have worked to make this as complete as possible. Some names have been omitted and if you know who these folks are, please let me know and we will get them added. Again, thanks to Terry McCoy and Rick Duncan. Hopefully, we can find the information to publish a Chrysalis Flight page soon.

I am pleased to introduce you to a new feature of our website. See the side bar to the left and click on Kairos to be connected to a detailed explanation of Kairos and an introduction to the team members and talks, etc. for the very first Women’s Kairos in this area.

Important Information:

Please Sign up for the Prayer Vigil on line at:  http://www.3dayol.org/Vigil/GetComm.phtml
Look for Cleveland Emmaus Community in the list, it is alphabetical, The Chrysalis, Men’s and Ladies walks are all there. Please go ahead and sign up for a time that is best for you right away — With this website you will get a reminder email!  For future walks you will be able to go out and sign up in this same manner.  May you all be blessed for your prayer time(s)!  If you have any questions, please email

Scott Nipper at scottlnipper@gmail.com for Emmaus and Dewey Esquinance at live.alive@yahoo.com  for Chrysalis and Journey Walks. The Kairos signup sheet is on the link above under the Bledsoe Correctional Facility.

Would you like to work on an Emmaus/Chrysalis/Journey Team? Click HERE