Guidelines for Agape Gifts and Food

Agape Gifts:

Prayerfully consider who you will sponsor on a Walk.
Pray for your Pilgrim, all the Pilgrims, and the Team daily. Sign up on the Prayer vigil.
Bring Agape food for the Walk to Send Off or to the Woods by noon Friday.
Bring Agape gifts to Send Off or to the Woods by noon Friday.
If you bring 72 gifts, everyone can be included.
If you bring 48 gifts, they will be placed on the tables in the conference room.
If you bring 32 gifts, they will be placed in the Pilgrims’ cabin on their beds.
Remember if you are sponsoring a Pilgrim, please prayerfully consider supplying Agape gifts and food.
Because of limited space, transportation problems, or some Pilgrims being left out, please do not send large gifts to the Woods. That would be gifts that will not fit in the Pilgrim’s Agape bags. Larger gifts would be best given to the Pilgrim after Closing.
Please make every effort to attend Send Off, Candlelight, and Closing.
Please make every effort to assist at the Woods by cooking, serving, and with clean up in the  kitchen.


Agape Food:

The food for snacks and the agape gifts are a very vital part of the pilgrims’ walk to Emmaus. I’m sure you recall just how much these tokens of the community’s love meant to you.

As the chairperson of the Agape committee, I am asking you to prayerfully consider providing snacks and gifts for the pilgrims that will be participating in this upcoming walk.

If possible, please bring these items to Send Off on Thursday Night. If there is a problem with you delivering them to Send Off, then please feel free to bring them to the “Woods” no later than Friday noon.

As a sponsor, we would hope that you feel a certain responsibility to contribute in this and in other areas of service to make the Walk to Emmaus meaningful to our pilgrims.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks in advance for your important contribution to the success of this upcoming walk.


Penny Schultz
Agape Chairperson