Serving on a Walk

Would you like to work on an Emmaus/Chrysalis Team?
Here are some things to do:
1. Pray….God chooses the team so take your request to Him
2. Send the upcoming walk leaders a note telling them you are interested in workin on their team. But once they have your name they need a face to go with the name

3. Sponsor others
4. Sign up on the prayer vigil
5. Help in the kitchen…there is no better way to get to know others and to be gotten known than to be around. The kitchen is a great place to start. The kitchen opens up at 6:00am and stays busy till about 8:00pm. The closer you get to the meal the less there is to do in the kitchen so come early and visit while you chop, mix and clean
6. Serve meals…carry plates, pour drinks, rub shoulders
7. Stick around after the meal and help get the dinning room ready for the next meal…and help fix the next meal
8. Attend the gatherings
9. Join a reunion group
10. Don’t be shy…you only think everyone knows each other, we were all new once, getting involved and pretending we weren’t shy is what got us to where we are now
11. Make Agape gifts
12. Bring out Agape food, chocolate is good but fruit makes good eating too
13. Pray some more…you can never do too much of that
14. Be patient, you know your walk was at just the right time, team positions work the same way
15. Keep in mind the upcoming walk leaders are in training and do work several walks before their own they make up about 1/3 of the team

Emmaus Applications should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 5754
Cleveland, TN 37320-5754

Chrysalis Applications should be mailed to:
Chrysalis Registrar
P.O. Box 5754
Cleveland, TN 37320-5754